A peek at asp essay

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A peek at asp essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Sammy makes a decision later towards the end of the story that has captivated many.

A few are Karen Bernardo, N. Montague, and Corey Evan Thompson. Lengel against the free-spirited, individualistic, and non-conformist represented by the teenage girls.

In her commentary she follows on with her opinion of Sammy being too a free-spirit, individualistic, and non-conformist. She states that the last line of the story is only hard in a sense of being that people like Sammy will have to face people like Mr. Lengel forever through-out the world and his life.

Whether or not that consequence is good or bad we will not know until it happens. By thinking of the girls as only tools to his resigning he only notices their physical features and not what is inside.

Thompson believes that even though Sammy is considered a hero, because the story is spoken through first person, that he really is not a hero if looked at through a different view point.

In my opinion, I think Montague has the best idea of why Sammy did what he did. Sammy may not have been very smart with his idea of quitting to impress and get the girl, or girls, but it did help him achieve a somewhat better confidence in doing what he believes is right.

And not to only talk about Sammy, the girls had to have known they would attract a lot of attention, not just but common customers but employees and also in this case, managers. With that being said, there was a consequence for their action, and it was being kicked out.

It is just like my personal mistakes of not turning in projects for English and flunking a few grading periods. Those were stupid actions I made with bad consequences. Point being everything has a consequence, and although most people only think they are bad everything has a consequence and can be good sometimes too.

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A peek at asp essay

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Simply put it is a set of rules that guide the way in which the essay will be presented, namely its layout. This Essay is made to shine a big spotlight on every minute detail that shows that Not many Homestuck readers pay as much attention as they like to believe.

They read the Ulysses of the Internet but they failed to pay attention and thus missed the best character's greatest feats and prevented him from doing the good he was supposed to .

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