Arachnophobia research paper

More Essay Examples on Arachnophobia Rubric Yet another simple way to describe the etymology of arachnophobia is: In Greek mythology, Arachna was a beautiful maiden who was later turned into a spider by her trainer Athena. Arachna still had the power of weaving in her even after becoming a spider. Many animals create phobia in the life of human beings but the phobia created by spiders are the most common ones.

Arachnophobia research paper

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Abstract We describe a new arachnophobia therapy that is specially suited for those individuals with severe arachnophobia who are reluctant to undergo direct or even virtual exposure treatments.

In this therapy, patients attend a computer presentation of images that, while not being spiders, have a subset of the characteristics of spiders. The Atomium of Brussels is an example of such an image. Spider phobia is one of the most common specific phobias Bourdon et al.

Arachnophobic individuals develop an avoidance behavior for all contexts related to the animal APA [ 1 ]. Many patients are so afraid of being confronted by the phobic object that they refuse to undergo any kind of therapy Marks [ 3 ].

In between, several therapies try to minimize the anxiety of the direct exposure by using computer simulations in which either the patient himself Garcia-Palacios et al. The treatment proposed here SLAT: It is specifically oriented to those patients with severe arachnophobia that would not undergo any kind of therapy involving a spider.

This treatment makes use of the idea that aversive information does not need to be perceived consciously to trigger an emotional response.

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From the neural point of view, fearful information does not need to reach cortical levels to generate the typical fear response. Individuals with bilateral destruction of the visual cortices exhibit amygdala responses to emotional faces even when brain damage is recent so that cortical networks have had too short time to reorganize Pegna et al.

In this case, the amygdala activation requires mediation by thalamic pulvinar nucleus or tectal superior colliculus areas Morris et al.

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The thalamus and amygdala are, according to LeDoux et al. According to these authors, when an aversive stimulus arrives at the thalamus, it passes rough, almost archetypal information, directly to the amygdala, producing a rapid response to the possible danger.

The therapy proposed in this paper makes use of these ideas by presenting to the patient a collection of images that contain a reduced subset of the features of a spider.

Figure 1 shows some of these images: These images, sharing a limited subset of features of a spider, were called SLAT images. After a preliminary presentation, only the images in which the features of the spider appear in a subtler way are kept in the final presentation.

The images that evoke spider-related feelings above a certain degree are discarded from the final therapeutic set see Section 2.May 16,  · It seems Ebola and terrorism may have lost their scare factor.

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Arachnophobia research paper

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders and other arachnids such as scorpions. Signs and symptoms. People with arachnophobia tend to feel uneasy in any area they believe could harbor spiders or that has visible signs of. Figuring out phobia.

Researchers are using neuroimaging techniques to delve into the neurobiological underpinnings of phobias, with a view to improving treatments. MD, of Harvard Medical School. Indeed, more than 30 years of research has examined the neurological underpinnings of fear in laboratory rats.

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