Carnival in spain

While there's nothing quite like experiencing the parades, the music and the costumes of a Spanish carnival for yourself, below you can read all about the festival's interesting history and extravagant traditions.

Carnival in spain

Regions across Spain organize carnivals and fiestas, most involving music and dancing. Spaniards dress in colorful, traditional costumes and take to the streets to celebrate the season. The Spaniards have organized carnivals since medieval times, although General Franco outlawed these events for 40 years, starting induring his dictatorship.

Each city and region of Spain has a different style of carnival with its own individual atmosphere and ambiance. Its main carnival takes place in the city of Santa Cruz and continues for almost two weeks.

The carnival opens with a flamboyant procession of floats and musical groups through the streets of the city.


The ritual of burying a sardine — entierra de la sardine — marks the end of the carnival. Participants bury a large effigy of a sardine, before lighting a bonfire and setting off fireworks. Each district of the city puts on its own events, including fancy dress parades, shows for children and live music.

Many cafes and restaurants also provide food tastings during carnival. In the evenings, the residents of Madrid dress up in their finery to attend masked black-tie balls.

Sitges Carnival, Spain. 26 February - 6 March

Cadiz choirs also perform literary and satirical songs during the carnival. Classical singers -- known as camparsas -- practice for months to perfect their performances. Singing contests take place at the Gran Teatro de Falla in the city center.

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When and Where is Spanish Carnival? Carnival in Spain Spain is known around the world for its many fiestas, among other things.
Things to Do on an Europe Cruise with Carnival Cruise Line Not until after his death in was the ban lifted and the right for cities in Spain to celebrate with carnivals and parades reinstated. After nearly 40 years without carnivals, it took time to rebuild and reestablish the ancient festivals.
Carnival in Spain - Tenerife & Cadiz - Spanish Culture Carnaval was banned in Spain in by the dictator Franco and was only recovered in with the reestablishment of democracy. Rome was a large influence on Spain; thus, their wild winter solstice ritual of the Saturnalia may be cited as a major influence.

Sitges Carnival Sitges, in the north of Spain, has a large gay community, and the town hosts an extravagant carnival each year. The Carnival King leads a sequence of processions during the week-long schedule of events.

To signify the end of the carnival, the residents of Sitges dress up in mourning to kill symbolically the Carnival King. The Sitges Carnival has a more adult atmosphere than many of the other Spanish fiestas that take place during carnival season.Carnival in Spain, like everywhere else in the world, marks the start of Lent, a Christian religious plombier-nemours.comal is held on Sundays and is similar to the Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) celebrations in the United States.

Carnival in spain

Feb 04,  · How carnival is celebrated in spain, spanish festivals, spanish culture. Learn spanish lenguage and spanish traditions. The most importants festivals in Spain are .

This page features carnival events for the season for twin island republic. The carnival in Spain was an integral part of the country’s predominantly Christian culture into the twentieth century, until , when any carnival celebrations were banned by order of the then-head of state, General Francisco Franco.

Carnival in spain

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Each region celebrate the Spanish Carnival in a different way. Learn more about it!

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