French revolution the response phase essay

Manpower requirements to keep pace with the expansion of French armies and the economic cost of the war strained allied governments. Furthermore, cracks in the alliance between Austria, Prussia and Spain began to appear by late A French invasion of Spain led to the occupation of Catalonia. Furthermore, Russian expansion in the rump of Poland led Prussia to focus its attention eastward once again.

French revolution the response phase essay

French revolution the response phase essay

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. The first stage of the French Revolution was a moderate phase, when the absolutist monarchy was transformed into constitutional monarchy. This period debated what should be a role of the monarchy and the aristocracy within new system, annd how should be represented common men in the regards of the basic constitutional rights and equality in front of the law.

The second stage, from was a radical and and blood phase of the revolution, which 1 eliminated the monarchy, 2 established I. French Republic, 3 executed king 4 brought Republic into universal war with Europe, 5 experienced counter-revolution 6 culminated into Reign of Terror 7 and ended with Thermidorian reaction execution of the radicals and establishment of Directory.

First phase left many unsolved issues, especially the economic questions and the role of the monarch with a limited power, and what to do with the Church and its property. The political system was based on the consensus, which worked on transformation of the state and write first constitution.

Since there were numerous oppositions the constitution from king on one side and the radicals on the other, the legislative assembly was in deadlock.

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The enthusiasm quickly disappeared as economy dived. There were several leaders like Lafayette, Brissot and many others, but no single revolutionary usurped unlimited power as some did the second phase.

Second phase wanted revolution to be more radical, but eventually it turned into bloodbath. The leadership executed many of its own revolutionary, majority during the Reign of Terror and regardless if they were moderate, radical or conservative.

The most significant representative of this time was M. This phase followed constitution on paper, but in the reality the revolutionary tribunal imposed laws and suspended many basic rights, like the right to appeal. This caused deaths of thousands people.

This phase also discredited the basic ideas of the freedom and paved a way toward corruption under Directory and Napoleonic dictatorship.

The only similarity between these two phases were the institution of the parliamentary assembly, which allowed the legislators to manage the state affairs.

The Terror and institution of total war under leadership of the Committee of Public Safety eliminated the zeal that majority shared toward the revolution and people just tried to survive. The permanent effect from both phases was elimination of the aristocracy and bring significant portion of middle class into decision making process of their state.

Even Bourbon Restoration was not successful to revert the changes of Second permanent effect was state control of the Church and secularization of its property. Other political issues were solved decisively in later revolutions, especially in May 06,  · A merry band of typing history scholars filled the French Revolution review document with information today after school in S This major event has so many well-documented events, names, and developments associated with it that even more could be added.

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Essay on time capsules dcuo my family best essay download. Summer short essay response examples. In , the year of the outbreak of the French Revolution, Catholicism was the official religion of the French state. The French Catholic Church, known as the Gallican Church, recognised the authority of the pope as head of the Roman Catholic Church but had negotiated certain liberties that privileged the authority of the French monarch, giving it a distinct national identity characterised by.

How was French Society divided prior to the French Revolution? 1st Estate (less than 1%): Catholic Clergy Owned 10% of land in France Paid 2% of income for taxes Scorned Enlightenment ideas 2nd Estate (2%): Rich nobles Owned 20% of land Paid little or no taxes Disagreed with Enlightenment ideas 3rd Estate (97%): Commoners 2.

The outbreak of the French Revolution in resulted from a longer-term transformation of political culture. Central to this was the emergence of a self-conscious public opinion that viewed itself as .

In , the French had created a Republic, under the name of a monarchy. Ten years later, they created a monarchy, under the name of a Republic.

() With all this now behind us, what did the Revolution accomplish? First, the Revolution weakened the political influence and leadership of the aristocracy.

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