George schuyer essay

Schooled at home, her early years were typical of most young women of colonial, aristocratic families. At the age of twenty-two, she met Alexander Hamilton, a dashing aide-de-camp of General George Washington, at the home of Gertrude Cochran, her aunt, wife of John Cochran. For Elizabeth it was love at first sight, a love that remained strong through the many scandals ahead.

George schuyer essay

Hughes Does Negro art really mean hokum? Although both articles were written by black artists and both were about black people in America society, their ideas about the situation were totally different. Schuyler 2 Yes that type of situation might happen somewhere in the North, but does it mean it happens everywhere in America?

Would this really be true when lynching happened in the South, and no law punished those white people?

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Were all people in the United States really treated equally, and did they all go to the same school? George schuyer essay answer is obviously no.

George schuyer essay

What Schuyler actually meant was Negro art never existed and in fact the only art form that existed in America is white art because there is no distinction between the two races Schuyler 2.

So does it meant your own art style were based on where you were born and raised?

George Schuyler and Langston Hughes | Intro to African-American Literature

Maybe because white people lived here before blacks, it can only be white artwork. Put another way, the first people who lived in this land were Native American, and our white ancestors once lived with them, so why is the definition for American Art not Native American Art style?

Unlike Schuyler, Hughes thinks every art style has its own beauty: But if we noticed the background of the young poet, we will not felt his idea strange.

In home they read white papers and magazines. It holds for the children beauty, morality, and money. Once the young poet believed white meant virtue, then he would teach his children, and so on. So how could they deny their own culture without ever really touching their culture?

The idea started during the slavery period.

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Since black people were slaves of white people, some of them will think white people were higher rank and powerful, so they could control black people. And slowly, they would pretend to be a white, or to admire white people. Thus they influenced their children to do the same things as they did.

Hughes believed everyone has his or her own culture, but Schuyler believed there is no distinction between cultures in America. Hughes and Schuyler both believed black people were American, and Negro art works were American art.

But Schuyler believed Negro artwork is American artwork, thus Negro artwork never exists and Negro artwork is hokum, since there is no distinction between black and white artwork.

In the other hand Hughes believed Negro art is a branch of American art work, so Negro artwork is not hokum, and could create a new art style that mix black and white culture. Works Cited George S.Free elizabeth george papers, essays, and research papers.

My Account. Your search returned over essays George Schuyer In the essay "Shooting an elephant" George Orwell describes an incident he had while working as an Imperial Police officer in Burma.

An . Tolson believed Schuyler's essay “Our Greatest Gift” to be the “greatest satire on the race problem in this country that has ever been written.

see the same films. and briefly a member of the Socialist Party of America in the twenties. Elizabeth Schuyler (Eliza Hamilton, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton) was born on August 9, , in Albany, New York.

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She was the second daughter of Revoluntionary War General Philip Schuyler and Catherine Van Rensselaer Schuyler, one of the richest and most political families in the state of New York.

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George schuyer essay

Shipped from the U.K. All 5/5(2). George Milton is a complex character from the novella, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck. He travels with his long time companion, Lennie Small since Lennie is unable to care for himself.

The Schuyler Sisters Lyrics: There’s nothing rich folks love more / Than going downtown and slummin’ it with the poor / They pull up in their carriages and gawk / At the students in the common.

George Schuyler and Langston Hughes | Intro to African-American Literature