How accountability ties into the army

Sharif was sent into exile in Saudi Arabia after giving a guarantee that he would not return for the following ten years. But Sharif came back to Pakistan after eight years to play an active role in politics.

How accountability ties into the army

The elected representatives of the people ought to be held to higher standards of conduct than the average citizen. In fact, all those who seek public office should be held to similar standards of accountability.

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So why is it that retired officers of the armed services who seek or have held public office, for example, cannot be scrutinised by the same accountability mechanisms that apply to non-military, civilian candidates?

Addressing that long-standing anomaly, the Islamabad High Court has cleared the way for the National Accountability Bureau to probe allegations of corruption against former president, retired Gen Pervez Musharraf.

Until now, NAB has interpreted its own powers restrictively and denied it had the authority to investigate retired members of the armed forces. The landmark decision by the high court does not imply that the underlying complaint of corruption against Mr Musharraf is necessarily true.

Perhaps the former army chief does not possess assets greater than his known sources of income, as the complainant requesting a NAB inquiry has alleged.

But the court, in clarifying and expanding the powers of NAB, is helping lay down a much-needed rule of public life: While the income and perks of elected representatives, bureaucrats and even judges are public information, most estimates of the wealth and assets of senior members of the armed forces remain estimates.

A brief controversy after the retirement of former army chief Gen Raheel Sharif pertaining to a large tract of agricultural land allotted to him demonstrated that the public is actively shielded from knowing the official compensation for senior members of the military.

Opaqueness such as that, especially in an institution of enormous national importance, ought to be unacceptable in the 21st century. The judgement is also welcome because as efforts continue to eventually replace the National Accountability Ordinance with a more robust and transparent accountability process, the principle of equal treatment of all will have to be considered.

There is simply no justification for retired members of the forces to be shielded from public accountability. It is the willingness to carve out exceptions and special rules that has undermined the possibility of true accountability in the country over the decades.

With the issue of accountability likely to be at the centre of the next general election, new, universal rules need to be considered. Published in Dawn, February 11th, Soldier accountability is the one of the main responsibilities of the leadership in the Army.

Whether it comes from the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) support channel or from the actual chain of command.

How accountability ties into the army

The NCO support channel plays the biggest role in the accountability process. Excellent talent management is vital to any organization. As business leaders look to the U.S. military for lessons, they will find many positive ones. The army knows how to produce a well-trained, highly motivated, and extremely diverse workforce.

But business should also heed the negative lesson the military teaches about leadership and strategy. The army definition of accountability is “the obligation imposed by law or lawful order or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping accurate record of property, documents, funds or soldiers”.

The foundations of Army leadership are firmly grounded in history, loyalty to our country’s laws, accountability to authority, and evolving Army doctrine. By applying this knowledge with confidence and dedication, leaders develop into mature, competent, and multiskilled members of the Nation’s Army.

"Yes, they are working in individual museums someplace, on a particular post, and they have a specific mission, but all of that ties back into the whole Army museum system within the Center of. The importance of accountability In the army accountability is everything.

The definition of accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to .

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