How to write a speeches on steve jobs

Pepsi-Cola[ edit ] Sculley joined the Pepsi-Cola division of PepsiCo in as a trainee, where he participated in a six-month training program at a bottling plant in Pittsburgh. As a result of the research, Pepsi decided to launch new, larger, and more varied packages of their soft drinks, [14]: To make the food division profitable, Sculley fired all the people from it Frito-Lay [ clarify ] and improved product quality, as well as improving accounts and establishing financial controls.

How to write a speeches on steve jobs

CC Project 6 - Vocal Variety - Lessons from Steve Jobs Call him as charismatic or argumentative … Call him as a visionary or brutal … Call him as innovative or idiotic … No matter what you call him as, you will be right.

He is a perfect example of this quote.

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Quality is more important than Quantity, one home run is much better than two doubles Paul Jobs… the man who adopted Steve Jobs was a good and intelligent car mechanic.

His profession was to rebuild old cars. During the weekends, Steve helped his dad in doing some household work like laying fence or building cabinets for the home. His father was a man of perfection. He refused to use poor wood even for the back of cabinets.

He would paint even the back of the fence — the same way that he painted the front side of the fence. He honed this when he became a practitioner of Buddhism. After dropping out of college, he made a long pilgrimage through India seeking enlightenment.

This is when he got hooked to the principles of minimalism from Zen Buddhism. He applied those principles in every product that he designed. For example, when you are combining the functions of a camera, a music player, a GPS, a phone and a browser into a device like iPhone, you can end up having a product that is so convoluted and so complex.

Should it have screws — NO 2. Should it have a stylus — NO 3. Should it have a keyboard — NO 4. Removable batteries — NO 5. How did these lessons impact me?

These two messages are related to each other and they stress the importance of quality and saying NO to things.

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My time management principles were based on that. I used to categorize tasks as big or small based on the time it takes me to complete the job… and I sequenced them accordingly. What if you have twice the amount of stones than what your jar can accommodate?

So, these days, I adopt a different methodology in time management. I pick only the 3 stones that are of importance to me… and just do a perfect job in that.

how to write a speeches on steve jobs

This method has increased my efficiency and performance. It also helps me to lead a very balanced lift. And Steve Jobs is one of those very few people.Steve Jobs is a master of keynotes, commencement speeches, and product announcements.

Here are three of his most memorable talks. Steve Jobs once said “People, who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do”.

He is a perfect example of this quote.

how to write a speeches on steve jobs

You can derive inspiration and messages for a odd World Championship speeches from Steve Job’s life. Today, I’m going to share 2 significant messages that I learned from his life.

Example of Steve Jobs Stanford ‘Chunk Structure’: A good speech outline has Message and Structure A good outline is a summary that shows the logical flow of your ideas, typically on one page.


The speech of Steve Jobs' life. October 5, FORTUNE — Steve Jobs died one year ago today. We can think of no better to way mark his passing than to repost, one more time, the most. Brain Pickings remains free (and ad-free) and takes me hundreds of hours a month to research and write, and thousands of dollars to sustain..

If you find any joy and value in what I do, please consider becoming a Sustaining Patron with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing, between a cup of tea and a good lunch. I. Best Motivational Speeches and Interviews: 1.

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech – Motivational Speech. Jobs’ amazing speech about three stories in his life, named “connecting the dots”, “love and loss” and “death”.

You Can Learn to Present Like Steve Jobs