How to write an interesting interview article format

Local newspapers, parents, and special subject teachers are good possibilities. Offer to switch places with a special subject teacher for a period or two. Prepare a questionnaire for students to complete early in the year. Nancie Atwell has excellent ideas for questions, but you can ask any questions that you think will elicit interesting answers.

How to write an interesting interview article format

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Rachel MacFarlane Resources Tackle this necessary evil with confidence. Here are seven steps for writing a better artist statement, plus a checklist. Build your professional portfolio website in minutes.

how to write an interesting interview article format

Start your free day trial today, no credit card required. The most important thing for artists to write is their artist statement. It can greatly dictate how people view your work, whether you like it or not.

An artist statement should briefly describe how the artist works, and what their work means. It is no longer than a page and can be as short as one hundred words.

You can use it for galleries, press mentions, portfolios, applications and submissions. Try to approach writing a statement as an invigorating challenge. Going through this exercise can lead to new ways of thinking about your practice and can propel you towards positive changes.

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Your artist statement is not a comprehensive description of your work—instead think of the statement as leading into the work. To help you write an artist statement worthy of your art, we put together this step-by-step process.

Make a mind map. First you need to get an overview of your work. If you try to jump right into your statement you might miss connecting the reader to overarching themes.

Mind maps are a simple brainstorm strategy that really work.

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Sitting in a quiet place, like your studio, write down anything that comes to mind about your work. How does it connect? What collides together and stands out?

What is the most unique? The answers to these questions are likely the guts of your statement. This simple strategy can kick off the process in a lighthearted and easy way. It can be hard to get out of your head. Another strategy is to either interview yourself, or better yet, have a friend interview you.

how to write an interesting interview article format

Set up some important questions, then record yourself speaking the answers aloud.Choices are hard. And when it comes to choosing the right format for your next blog post, there's quite the smorgasbord to choose from.

Perhaps how-to posts are your forte. Or maybe you just can't resist the just because you have a signature format, doesn't mean it's necessarily right for the topic you're blogging about.. Aah decisions, decisions. You are concerned over the implications and long-term health effects of the haze.

Write an article to the local newspaper expressing your concern based on all the notes below. Jul 30,  · How to Write Articles. In this Article: For example, if you’re doing a profile of a person, your article may follow a different format.

4. Choose quotes and other evidence to support your points. Using a quote from an interview subject. Starting with a statistic%().

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Conduct an Interview Like a Journalist Interviewing is one of the most effective ways to add depth, expertise, and precision to your writing. Interviews, like all things writing related, are both an art and a science, and it involves both connecting with people at a personal level and asking questions that elicit information, sometimes.

It’s a lot more work to conduct the interview live, produce their audio/video, and transcribe then edit the content, but it makes a world of difference in the quality of the interview. Let’s make the internet a . Format Your Letter. Format your letter in formal business letter style. This means all writing will be aligned to the left, single-spaced, with a full blank line between each element and a paragraph.

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