Ktmb services

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Ktmb services

Ideal for independent travellers You can travel in either direction, northbound or southbound. You can stop off where you like for as long as you like.

The network is being modernised Within Malaysia, you'll often see sections of old colonial singe-track line and the new double-track electrified line side by side. You now need to change trains at Gemas when travelling from Singapore or Johor Bahru to KL, which means booking two tickets - I'll explain all that in the how to buy tickets section.

Ktmb services

You'll find a lot of out-of-date information online. KL to Butterworth now only takes 4 hours by electric train!

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Electric trains will then be able to run directly between all cities, from the southern tip of Malaysia to the Thai border. You buy a separate ticket for each train you take There is no such thing as a Singapore to Bangkok ticket.

You buy a ticket for each specific train you want to take on the date you want to take it.

Ktmb services

You can buy a ticket between any two stations, in advance or at the station on the day. So look at the timetables below and find trains that suit you, between all the places you want to see.

Then book each specific train individually for the dates you want, as shown in the how to buy tickets section. If you're starting in Singapore, you first need to transfer to Johor Bahru Until trains left from the wonderfully faded grandeur of Singapore's art deco railway station, built in Sadly, the Singapore government took it over from the Malaysians and promptly closed it, so trains to Kuala Lumpur and the north now leave from Johor Bahru Sentral Station just north of the causeway inside Malaysia.

The options for transferring to or from downtown Singapore are explained hereSingapore to Bangkok by train in just 48 hours If you were in a hurry you could go from Singapore to Bangkok in around 48 hours, first transferring from downtown Singapore to Johor Bahru just across the causeway in Malaysia as explained herethen take train 40 from JB Sentral to Gemas, switching to fast ETS train from Gemas to Kuala Lumpur.

What you do is entirely up to you.


I have highlighted these recommended trains with shading in the timetables below. But by all means take whichever ones you like! All the trains in the timetable below run every day all year round.

Each column is a separate train, and you read downwards. You can buy tickets for any train between any two stations. You need a separate ticket for each train. Please, please, let that sink in! KTM timetables valid from June until further notice,KTMB runs 37 freight train services daily of which about 80% were concentrated in the northern sector.

In line with the strategy to focus more on containerised and long-haul cargoes, KTMB now carries maritime containers, cement and food as main commodities.

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