Motivation factors in dark tourism

The combination of dynamite, longer workdays, and more advanced gear caused stocks to fall faster. This initiative sparked a renaissance of not only their fishery, but also their cherished way of life.

Motivation factors in dark tourism

Show full item record Abstract People are fascinated with death and disaster. One simply has to watch traffic slow to a crawl when passing a car accident to understand this. However, this fascination goes beyond the side of a highway and enters the realm of tourism. Today, numerous sites of death and disaster attract millions of visitors from all around the world: The list grows each year as exhibited by the recent creation of an apartheid museum in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Due to the increasing popularity of this tourism product, a small number of academics have begun studying the phenomenon. However, despite ongoing study, there has been a paucity in understanding what actually motivates individuals to sites of dark tourism. Yet understanding motivation is imperative, particularly given the subject and sensitivity of these sites.

Some are slowly decaying, and visitors play a large role in their preservation.

Motivation factors in dark tourism

Subsequently, without proper management, visitor influxes can further deteriorate sites or induce friction with the locals. Knowledge then, also provides administrators the necessary tools to properly manage the varying stakeholders.

Although many feel an interest in death and disaster simply stems from morbidity, the range of factors involved extend from an interest in history and heritage to education to remembrance. To begin this study, a list of possible motivations was compiled. Then, to get a better comprehension of these motivations, visitors to the Holocaust Museum Houston were surveyed as a case study.

Motivation Factors in Dark Tourism -

As a commodified, synthetic site of death and atrocity, the museum fits the definitions of a dark tourism site as established by lead academics. Therefore, by asking visitors to the museum what motivated them to the site, the results will hopefully give some acumen into the wants and needs of certain stakeholders.

Finally, this research sought to discover if motivation at the museum could shed light on motivation to other sites of dark tourism.Dark tourism Dark or thanatourism is type of tourism which includes the visitation of places, attractions and exhibitions connected with tragedies, suffering, disasters, cemeteries and natural phenomena which caused many deaths and destruction.

Motivation Factors in Dark Tourism Thanatourism and Dark Tourists:
Thanatourism and Dark Tourists: Why they Walk in the Shadows This strain is often called swine flu by the public media.
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Leading the field are Lennon and Foley who labeled it Dark Tourism, Seaton who coined the term Thanatourism, and Rojek who developed the concept of Black Spots. However, despite ongoing study, there has been a paucity in understanding what actually motivates individuals to sites of dark tourism.

Motivation Factors in Dark Tourism - Theseus Dark tourism is a multi-layered mixture of history and heritage, tourism and ..

isolated in the face of death and, . Introduction 3 2. Abstract 4 3. The definition & development of dark tourism 5 4. The different types of Dark Tourism 6 Holocaust Tourism 6 Battlefield tourism 6 Cemetery Tourism 7 Slavery-Heritage Tourism 7 Prison tourism 7 5.

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