Myopia in singapore

After church, the team travelled to Maw Poe Klo village of the Karens in the mountains to begin our first clinic session. The clinic was set up in the house of a church member, and the team ministered to about 49 patients, which was almost half the population of the village. The clinic session ended in the late afternoon.

Myopia in singapore

Myopia in singapore

It removes need for glasses; reducing 'near work', going outdoors slow myopia progress Mr A was an unusual patient. I had just completed an operation and was walking into my clinic when a boyish-looking man dressed in office attire stood up and followed me from the lift lobby into my consultation room.

There was a look of trepidation on his face and his brows were knitted with worry. Even before I could sit down, he started telling me there was a shadow in his field of vision that would not go away and that he had been experiencing it since that morning.

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It was a good thing he sought help: He had a retinal detachment and needed urgent surgery on the same day. When I broke the news to him, his initial reaction was quite out of the ordinary. Instead of asking about the operation procedure and its risks and benefits, his first question was when he could return to work after the surgery.

I found out later that he was a high-flying investment banker. I told him that his eye condition was likely due to his high myopia, or short-sightedness. He replied with complete disbelief: However, the edges of the cornea flaps, created during the Lasik procedure, was a giveaway when I examined his eyes.

The examination of the back of his eyes the retina also revealed thinned-out layers, which was consistent with high myopia.

Myopia in singapore

He said he had to wear glasses with thick lenses of about 1, degrees each before his Lasik surgery. A week prior to the shadow appearing in his field of vision, Mr A saw "flashing lights", little spots and cobweb-like structures.

These are warning symptoms of a retinal problem, which could indicate a retina tear or detachment.

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Mr A went on to have an uneventful surgery to repair his detached retina, and was up and about in his office two weeks later. He was fortunate to have sought medical treatment early enough - before the detachment affected the central part of his retina.

Otherwise, the visual symptoms would have been worse. Instead of a shadow seen in the peripheral field of vision, he would have experienced blurred vision. Some patients have even described it as having a "curtain coming down" in front of their eyes.


At that stage, the chances of recovering one's vision, even after surgery, may be reduced. Patients with high myopia of more than degrees, like Mr A, are at higher risk of serious and potentially blinding conditions.

These include retina tears and detachments, bleeding under the retina and low-pressure glaucoma. There are many misconceptions that Lasik is a cure for myopia. In fact, Lasik and other refractive procedures, such as implantable contact lenses, merely remove the need for spectacles or the dependence on external contact lenses.

The internal structure of the eye remains unchanged. A thinned-out retina from high myopia will remain just as thin after Lasik surgery and other refractive procedures.Eye Clinic Singapore International - Since Our clinics have been providing private eye care services for our local and international patients since Jun 01,  · (CNN)-- While the belief that prolonged close-up activities like reading and playing computer games cause short sightedness (myopia) is popularly held, new research indicates that a .

myopia; public health; Singapore; Myopia is a problem of public health concern in Singapore for three reasons. Firstly, the prevalence of myopia (more than − dioptres (D)) is one of the highest worldwide.

Professor Aung is a clinician scientist, with clinical practice focusing on glaucoma and research interests in angle closure glaucoma and glaucoma genetics.

Requirements. Minimum GCE 'A' Level, Polytechnic Diploma or Degree. In addition, you must demonstrate proficiency in English, Mathematics and Science, preferably Physics (with at least credits in GCE 'O' levels or its equivalent).

Childhood myopia (short-sightedness) Clinical trials by Singapore National Eye Centre and Singapore Eye Research Institute have shown that low-dose (%) atropine is effective in slowing myopia progression by % over a two-year period, and with very little side-effects.

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