Relationship between australia and indonesia essay

On April 29,Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed by firing squad in Indonesia following a decade of legal challenges, intense Australian government and diplomatic pressure, and impassioned public opinion on both sides of the Timor Sea. As Australia continues to mourn this loss of life, and as Indonesia continues to justify its decision, attention now turns to the future of bilateral relations. Other countries had already taken the same step in the wake of earlier executions in Indonesia, but this was a first for Australia.

Relationship between australia and indonesia essay

The people of East Timor voted overwhelmingly for independence. Tampa affair and the War on Terror[ edit ] The relationship came under strain in August during the Tampa affairwhen Australia refused permission for the Norwegian freighter ship MV Tampa to enter Australian waters while carrying Afghan asylum seekers that it had rescued from a distressed fishing vessel in international waters.

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The Indonesian Search and Rescue Agency did not immediately respond to requests from Australia to receive the vessel. When the ship entered Australian territorial waters after being refused permission, Australia attempted without success to persuade Indonesia to accept the asylum seekers.

Norway also refused to accept the asylum seekers and reported Australia to international maritime authorities. The incident prompted closer coordination between Indonesian and Australian authorities, including regional conferences on people smuggling, trafficking in persons and other trans-national crime.

The following year, Indonesian diplomatic and consular premises in Australia received a number of hoax and threat messages. Since then, both the United States and Australian governments have issued warnings against travel to Indonesia, advising their citizens of a continued risk of attacks.

A key outcome was support for the conclusion of a security agreement, later realised as the Lombok Agreement, providing a framework for the development of the security relationship by the end of on defence, law enforcement, counter-terrorismintelligence, maritime security, aviation safety, WMD non-proliferation, and bilateral nuclear cooperation for peaceful purposes.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited Australia in Apriland became the second Indonesian leader to address federal parliament: The day when policy makers, academicians, journalists and other opinion leaders all over the world take a good look at the things we are doing so well together.

And they will say: But they now have a fair dinkum of a partnership. The decision attracted significant criticism from the federal oppositionand Indonesia threatened to take the dispute to the World Trade Organisation.

Austrade estimates that more than Australian companies operate in Indonesia. Negotiations first started in and the deal is expected to be signed in late Since the trade began in the s, more than 6. Sincewhen Indonesia adopted Law No.

Relationship between australia and indonesia essay

Australian aid to Indonesia[ edit ] Indonesia is the largest recipient of Australian aidand Australia is the fourth-largest donor of foreign aid to Indonesia.

For three decades, between andAustralian aid programs to Indonesia were coordinated within the international arrangements established by the Inter-Governmental Group on Indonesia and the Consultative Group on Indonesia.

Indonesian Australian The number of permanent settlers arriving in Australia from Indonesia since monthly In the Australian Census63, people listed their country of birth as Indonesia, of whom Most are employed as professional, clerical or administrative workers, or as labourers.

Statistics Indonesia does not measure the number of Australian residents in Indonesia, however tourist arrivals indicate thatAustralians visited Indonesia in This polling also found that injust under a third of Indonesians saw Australia as a potential threat to their country.

Australia—Indonesia spying scandal In Octoberrelations were strained due to allegations of spying. In his speech to Australian parliament, President Yudhoyono described the perception of Indonesia as a military threat as a "preposterous mental caricature".This essay analyses the Australian-China bilateral relationship since and in particular its political significance to Australia.

Many global factors have influenced this relationship, including the advent of the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the collapse of the Soviet bloc European nations.

Relationship between australia and indonesia essay

That said, the relationship between Indonesia and Australia seems to be on an unstoppable path of growth. A nationalist President of Indonesia would be a concern but wouldn’t necessarily require a radical rewrite of Indonesia’s place in our strategic interests.

Indonesia is strategically located in Southeast Asia, between Asia and Australia and between the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

It is made up of over 17, islands and the population consists of over ethnic groups, each with its own local language and local tradition, struggling for survival, maintenance and, in some cases, dominance.

Australia- Indonesia relationship. Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII) The AII was established by the Australian Government in to contribute to a more broadly based and enduring relationship between Australia and Indonesia and to project positive images of Australia and Indonesia in each other\'s country.

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Australia–Indonesia relations refers to the foreign relations between Australia and one of its few neighboring countries, began as early as with contact between Indigenous Australians and Makassan trepangers from southwest Sulawesi and formalised with Australia's full recognition of Indonesia in In recent years, the relationship has been characterised by growing.

Photo Essays: Videos. Indonesia-Australia Relations: A Year After the Executions the history of the relationship between Indonesia and Australia has been described as a rollercoaster.

Indonesia restores military ties with Australia after latest neighbourly dispute