Teaching middle schoolers how to write a summary

How to Teach Argumentative Essay Writing by Susan Vernerviews Whether your students are preparing to take standardized tests or you are walking them through how to write an essay, the Persuasive or Argument Essay is a standard strategy to cover. When the purpose in writing is to persuade another of your opinion, using the correct logic and following the correct layout are very important, and your arguments, if not written clearly and with support, will fall flat. When it is time to walk your students through the process of persuasion, follow this guideline on the argumentative essay to achieve a convincing result.

Teaching middle schoolers how to write a summary

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Poetry is a timeless genre, and it is a part of most English Language curriculum. When I tell my students they are going to learn, read or write poetry, a chorus of growls, grunts and eye rolls follows the introduction.

No matter how a teacher introduces the aspects of poetry, no matter how many handstands, cartwheels and balancing acts we do to try to make poetry fun and engaging, it is just not enough to get our students to buy into learning about and reading poetry.

I wanted to share with you some very helpful strategies one of my professors shared with the class when I was studying British Literature in college. I have never forgotten his tips, and I have adapted them into my own classroom to assist my students with the comprehension of a poem and make the poetry journey, well, a little less grueling.

My grade eight students are currently in the middle of reading To Kill a Mockingbird and, throughout the book, I try to introduce a variety of media, texts, music and poetry to differentiate the learning experience, as well as help my students appreciate different parts of the novel.

This poem is incredible in teaching students how one word or phrase can ruin someone or an experience for a lifetime. Take a look at the poem here: In the blank space to the right, I had my students write the following words: You can have your students write this anywhere on the page, as some teachers like their students to annotate while they read in the marginal space provided.

At the bottom of the page, I had my students draw two boxes: See the picture below: Always Read a Poem Twice! I always reiterate to my students they will never understand a poem in one read.

They need to read it twice, sometimes even a third time, and even then, they may not comprehend the poem completely. Following the page setup, I read the poem aloud the first time, and then I had my students silently read the second time.

Underlining key words or words shows evidence of their thinking. Identify the Setting Identifying a setting gives a reader visualization and imagery to the context of any literature. After my students identified the speaker, I asked them to find and identify the setting.

To show evidence of the setting, they needed to underline it in the poem, and then write it under or next to setting. Identify the Mood With any piece of literature, I find it very important for a reader to identify how a character is feeling.

This has the reader empathize and connect to a character or person. In the bottom left hand side of the poem, I instructed my students to write the events of the poem in their own words.Write your own résumé. Put everything you have learned (in school, in extracurricular activities, in volunteer or paid jobs) into a few short paragraphs that would convince.

National Writing Project teacher-consultant Chris Sloan examines the relationship between student motivation and the quantity and quality of comments students receive on online discussion postings, with implications for effective design of online response activities. Standing up for yourself is an important skill to learn and practice in middle school.

Find out how to teach self-advocacy skills to your middle-schooler. Close Language? English Español. Eng English; Get a one-page summary of what slow processing speed is and how to help.

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teaching middle schoolers how to write a summary

Organization. High school math teacher with over 10 years experience teaching courses in algebra, calculus and geometry to students from grades , including those in the advanced classes. Contributed to a 15% increase in students’ scores in math standardized testing.

30 Ideas for Teaching Writing Summary: Few sources available today offer writing teachers such succinct, practice-based help—which is one reason why 30 Ideas for Teaching Writing was the winner of the Association of Education Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award for Instructional Materials.

Teach students personal development skills, such as goal setting, independence, and self-advocacy. Plan and conduct activities for a balanced program of instruction, demonstration, and work time that provides students with opportunities to observe, question, and investigate.

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