The station agent using the film

Walther PPK - 7. First view of Bond with his PPK at the film's beginning. Bond fires his PPK at Patrice in the market.

The station agent using the film

When the owner dies suddenly, Fin finds himself without a place of employment but with the inheritance of a patch of land and an old railway depot.

The station agent using the film

Moving up there, he finds the usual pointing and staring and just continues his shut off existence. Maybe it is because its plot-lite, quirky nature is aimed at the same crowd that was still busy talking about Lost in Translation but The Station Agent seemed to be gone from the cinemas almost as quickly as it entered it.

In terms of story, not much happens but three rather solitary souls come together, becoming friends but also bringing all their issues, baggage and problems with them. It slowly draws you in with its gentle nature but it really does deliver an engaging and touching story.

The station agent using the film

It is this that sets a very nice foundation for the deeper stuff that is to come and helps us buy into the characters early on so that we are there when we need to be. Dinklage is excellent; he is almost silent at times but gradually grows and you can see in his face his issues but also him struggling to come to terms with this sudden acceptance he appears to be being given as well as his own desire to trust people where he has never had a reason to before.

It is very easy to praise Clarkson for strong performances but she has done it yet again with a performance that makes her character so layered but also so revealing without ever being obvious.

The film has others in it but these three are the core and, with three wonderful leads how could the film have been anything less than it was?

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Overall this is a very slight film that ends as quietly as it began and has little in the way of plot in between. However it has a wonderful mood delivered by unfussy direction, a unobtrusive and fitting score, wonderfully written characters and three wonderful lead performances. Missed by many on its cinema release, this is a wonderful little film that I hope will continue to surprise those that come across it during the coming years on DVD, cable and television.

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Hitman: Agent 47 is a American action thriller film directed by Aleksander Bach in his directorial debut and co-written by Skip Woods (who also wrote the original Hitman film) and Michael is based on the Hitman video game series, developed by IO Interactive, and its main character, a mysterious assassin known only as Agent The film, starring Rupert Friend, Hannah Ware.

'The Station Agent ' is the kind of superb film you want to share with everyone! It is a slow feel good film with no real direction nor any real ending.

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Fin, a four foot five inch small person, played by Peter Dinklage, has inherited an outpost dilapidated train Agent's Station in the wilds of New Jersey. 'The Station Agent' is a very simple but lovely quirky little film. There isn't much in terms of a plot but it works as a wonderful tone and mood piece and a brilliant study of three very likable and unique individuals and their friendship.

Synopsis. Friendships can form in the most unlikely of circumstances - take those of The Station Agent. Born with dwarfism, Fin McBride lives a lonely life with only his co-worker Henry for company. Berlin Station kicks it up a notch in this aptly titled episode, “Right of Way.” For a second time this season, the show hits its mark with the perfect pacing and unexpected sabotage twist and plot turn that’s about to send us barreling down a new path to achieve the team’s end goal – .

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